SHG Women's Empowerment and Self reliance in running their families.

The We – Live Project workshop – 2 way held for 5 days (from 10 th Jan to 14 th Jan 2022) in Jagaluru at Preranna Social Service Center run by OCD Fathers for our We – Live- Sheep – Rearing 50 Beneficiaries/ SHG Women of Jagaluru Taluk of Davangere District. The workshop’s title was as follows.

The First day programme was started with a Inauguration session in the programme, the Director of Don Bosco Child Labour Mission Fr Cyril Sagayaraj, The market Consultant Mr. Heeranaik, Mr Durugappa, Mr Chandraprakash, Rev. Fr William Miranda Director of Preranna Social Service Centre, Fr Visshan from OCD Asst. Director of Preranna Social Service Centre. Davangere District Veterinary Dr Gurushanthappa, Dr Lingaraj were present respectively. Fr Cyril Sagayaraj the director of the We – Live Project spoke at length about the importance of five days workshop for the SHG Women who were engaged in the sheep rearing/farming. He insisted to maintain Physical distance, ware face masks and constantly use hand sanitizers the prevent and protect them-selves from Corona Virus. All the Covid-19s Government’s protocols has to be followed in these 5 days workshop. Accordingly, the seating arrangements were followed. He also insisted with SHG women to participate with interest and longing in acquiring production skills and business skills from the workshop and to feel free to ask questions related to sheep farming and SHG dynamics. Fr Cyril Sagayaraj wished them all, all the best exhorted them to participate with open mind and cooperate with the resource person concerned in the 5 days workshop on sheep rearing.

This days workshop was conducted the Rev. Fr William Miranda OCD to our SHG women on the topic of SHG Women’s Empowerment and Self reliance in running their families. Father also gave training on how to build up good report with each other in their own SHG groups and Women. He insisted that SHG is not only for seeking financial support to eradication poverty but also to have mutual trust to combat family issues through SHG meetings and gatherings. It helps to have good and better inter personal relationships. Fr William’s session was well appreciated by the participants. He also inspired with them this workshop is meant to sharpen their skills in rearing the sheep in order to have better future. He also conducted some group work, group discusions on relevant issues of SHGs, Such as how to understand the other by being close the to them, how to comfort the other in their struggle to face day today problems of life. He also said mutual trust among SHG Members is very important to run the groups and function on active member in the SHG.

In the second day workshop for SHG women was conducted by Mr. Aravindan from Jagalur. He is qualified in Master of Arts. He dealt with the topic on the Entrepreneurial skills and how to acquire skills to be self sufficient financially by using the current Project of sheep rearing or farming. The workshop began with an activity for the group. The 50 SHG Women were divided into five (5) groups and given a topic to each one to discuss and share openly to the workshop participants. The five topic’s were such as
i) what are the special skills required for rearing sheep as SHG Women?
ii) How small start in Sheep farming make a great difference in their life as family bread winners?
iii) Who is an enterprener? What are the skills required to be a simple and profit making enterprener?
iv) What are the methods used to for group savings?
v) Why we need groups for better functioning of SHGs and how can we take it forwards for the group’s self-reliance?

Each group was given 30 minutes for group discussions and presentations. All of them were well participated in the group discussion and presented. The Resource Person Mr. Aravindan elicited their ideas and build upon his session. He also spoke about how SHG groups can play a major role in empowering women in the society and make their family self-sufficient by using the We-live Project of sheep rearing. The session was concluded with vote of thanks.

The Third day workshop was began at 10.00 am on 12 th January 2022. This workshop was handled by Dr Gurushanthappa (B.V.SC) Bachelor of Veterinary Science. He spoke about production skills in the sheep farming/rearing. Since he is well-versed in Animal Husbandry and serving last 20 years in this field. He shared with our SHG members his vast experience in the field of sheep farming and production skills. He handled his sessions with care and keeping in mind the average intellect of the SHG Members. He spoke about medications, feed and fodder cultivation sheep/Lambs disease management, sheep shed installation, how it should be conducive for sheep farming etc…

How to select the breed, the difference between Local breed and farm breed how many months one has to rear a sheep, which is the best, the male sheep or female sheep for farming? which brings good income? How can we harvest wool and market it and how can we sell, meat and manuear for good price etc.. The SHG women were very happy and wanted to execute in their house the sheep rearing methodology.

The fourth day workshop was handled by Dr. Lingaraj (B.V.SC) Bachelor of Veterinary Science. He presently works as Assistant Director in Jagaluru Taluk of Davangere District. Since he is from Jagaluru Taluk. He knew the climate of the place, wheather it is conducive for sheep rearing through his workshop sessions. He spoke about how to protect the lambs from all sort of disease and natural calamities. He has got 16 years’ experience as Veterinary doctor in the field of Animal Husbandry and Animal Caring. In the afternoon he along with market consultant Mr. Heeranaik our all 50 SHG women were taken to a sheep rearing farm in Gowripura in Jagaluru. The members were happy for visiting the farm. They saw in their own eyes how to rear sheep and goats. Dr Lingaraj the veterinary doctor explained to them the importance of rearing sheep in a good and conducive environment.

He also gave inputs to our beneficiaries how to select the breed, how many months old Lambs has to be purchased how to bring them up and how to sell wool, meat and manuare etc. In the evening they concluded the Farm visit and returned to their respective places.

The fifth day and last day workshop was held on 14 th January 2022 at Preranna Social Service Centre in Jagaluru. This days session/workshop was handled by Sri Basavesh C.M a Retired Pragathi Gramina Bank of Jagaluru. Sir began his session at 10.00 am and concluded at 02.00pm the topics dealt with was the business skills required for SHG members who were involved in sheep farming. He explained to them elaborately how to approach banks to get the much needed loans for Animal Husbandry, How subsidies can be applied for? The SHG women too, were given inputs how to go about the bank process and deposit their savings for the future. Sir also spoke to them about different schemes which the banks- Governments run banks avail to the SHG mdmbers and Shrishakthi Sangas. He also spoke about the centre Government’s scheme for SHGs such as the Pradana Mantri’ Surksha vima Yojana etc.. to SHG Women.

The Concluding session was held at 03.00 pm to our SHG women beneficiaries of sheep rearing in the same programme hall. In this session all the Resource persons were called and thanked them. From Don Bosco, Davangere Fr John Devaraj the Assistant Director present for the same. He insisted that the inputs what they had received in the past five days has to be kept in mind and implemented for the SHGs growth and personal growth. The coming months will be crucial for them to rear their sheep, so that they can get good price in selling them and thus they can enhance production skills and business skills. The Market consultant Mr Heeranaik proposed of Vote of thanks and he too, requested them to take care their sheeps and keep going. Fr William was thanked for his presence. These five days workshop was concluded with a tea and snacks to SHG Members.