CREAM (Child Rights Education and Action Movement)

CREAM aims at educating children, adult and stakeholders about different perspectives of child rights and children’s participation to enhance the present child protection setup. The right based interventions are designed to empower the children and the community to voice for its children and their rights.

CREAM envisages formation and strengthening of 780 child rights clubs, training for 75,000 Children, training for 1,000 teachers from 50 schools, it imparts supplementary education to more than 7,000 children, It also caters and gives training for 800 youth, 400 Panchayat Raj Members, 400 Government officials, 800 Community leaders, 170 Project staff and finally monitors the Network Actions at District and State level.

A Training for Grama Panchayat and SDMC Members (under CREAM)
Social activists from CREAM and CS projects implemented these training sessions in numerous villages in their respective taluks such as Hariahara, Davangere, Harapanahalli and Jagalur of Davangere district. The social activists create awareness to the Grama Panchayaths and SDMC members on the current amendments of the norms in Educational system. They also create awareness on JJ Act 2015, Child Policy, Promotion of Child Rights and Human Rights.