Missing Child Bureau Karnataka (MCB)

It has been established as per the Juvenile Justice Act 2000 and the rules thereunder by the Department of women and Child development and the Government of Karnataka have appointed Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota (Bosco) as the state Nodal Agency of the Missing Child Bureau of Karnataka as per the Government of Karnataka order No. DWCD 180 MCB 2007 Bangalore dated 27th October 2007. The State Nodal Agency is directed to identify and appoint the District Cell of the Bureau establish the necessary systems and networks, employ effective strategies and tools to realize the objectives in all the Districts of Karnataka to ensure the safety, security and the early repatriation of the Missing Children, it is necessary to establish Missing Child Bureau District Cells in each district Karnataka.

The Missing Child Bureau Nodal Agency Karnataka appointed, Don Bosco Davangere, as the Missing Child Bureau District Cell for the district of Davangere on 12/12/2010. 93 Missing complaints have been registered from different district police stations and the children have been traced and reunited with parents. It is an online service exclusively for missing children. Anyone who loses his/her child can lodge a complaint and search their children online.

Missing Child Net

Missing Child Net aims at establishing a system for collection, collation and sharing information about missing children and unaccompanied children and facilitating foster communication in order to identify, trace and connect them with their family using affective tools and strategies.

Objectives of the Project-
• Establish a system for tracing Missing Children,
• Register all cases of Missing Children and collation of information at District and State level
• Identifying all the unaccompanied children and collecting and collating the information at District and State level
• Facilitate the tracing of Missing Children using best tools and strategies available
• Guided by the best interest of child monitoring and the repatriation of the children
• To increase the awareness on the issues related to Missing Children
• Retracing lost children and sending them home through CWC – Child Welfare Committee.
• Giving proper guidance and rules that would facilitate the child to regain status in the society.

Success story of Missing Child Net:
Name: Parashuram
The boy Parashuram was missing from home on 20/09/2017. His parents searched everywhere but in vain. The police did not file FIR and took this issue orally but not in writing.

The MCB Coordinator of Davangere was searching for the unaccompanied child and he was able to find the address in the website-the boy Parashuram is from Uchargidurga Harpanahalli, Davangere. Parents contacted the Coordinator about their child and through MCB all the information about the child was handed over to the parents. MCB Davangere shared this information with MCB coordinator in Bangalore, Mr. Basawaraj and made arrangements to reach the child to his parents. Now the boy lives with his parents.