This is a free emergency telephone-service network set up in India for reaching help and support to children in distress. The whole service network revolves around a dedicated telephone helpline number, 1098, which could be accessed 24 hours a day by any child in distress or any person on behalf of a child in difficulty. Every call on 1098 is responded to without delay, the required services are made available to the child in need as in an emergency situation. CHILDLINE aims at responding to the emergency needs of every child in need of care and protection by making available its services in all the cities throughout the country.

♦ ChildLine tries to stop child related issues, such as child labour, child marriage, missing child, Street workers, rag pickers, physically and mentally challenged children, school dropouts, addicted children and abandoned children.
♦ To protect and empower the basic fundamental rights of the children.
Awareness programmes through street plays, folk songs, and person to person awareness on the streets