DBCLM strives towards upliftment of the underprivileged children through education and social interventions and enables them to be agents of their own development and transformation.

Child Labour Rehabilitation Programme

DBCLM has been involved in the task of creating awareness, identifying, giving shelter, educating and rehabilitating child labourers in Davangere since 1996. Through the project sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka ‘Open Shelter’, Davangere provides care and protection for the homeless. It provides family atmosphere for the orphan and the destitute children. DBCLM provides food, clothing, shelter, education, vocational training, medical and recreational facilities.

Bosco Youth

St. John Bosco the 19th century priest toiled for the youth to be good citizens in the society. DBCLM highlighting on same sphere focuses on Youth. Eventually, Bosco Youth was formed and the youth take part actively in the center’s activities.

Formation of Child Labour Prevention Committees (Task Force)

Task Forces are formed in various places in and around Davangere district. It focuses on providing compulsory education for all the Children below the age of 14. It also enables the village Panchayat heads and village school heads to provide basic education, prevent child labour, prevent child marriages and thus empowers the local society/village to give care and protection to children of the local village.

Child Rights Clubs (CRCs)

Child Rights Clubs originated in Don Bosco Forum, for the welfare of the Children in the School. DBCLM under the CREAM (Child Rights Education and Action Movement) project in Davangere District makes the children aware of their rights through CRCs. The CRCs are formed in order to teach children their rights and duties towards society. Through this the children were taught how to fight for their rights, prevent child marriages, child labour, child abuse and all other atrocities against children. They too encourage their friends to attend school and thus prevent school dropouts.

Women Empowerment

DBCLM involves in helping the women of the locality, who are economically poor and under skilled. Women Empowerment were formed in order to empower women to have leadership qualities, get to know child rights and human rights. This process helps them to work together as a group, cultivate the habit of saving and self-empowerment. SHGs also help women to participate in the social movements and make them empowered.