Training Seminar

A two-day training seminar focusing on Employability skills was held on 2 nd and 3 rd of March for the students attending the ‘Skills for Life’ training course at DBCLM Davangere. The seminar’s aim was to empower the students with knowledge and techniques for facing the challenge of finding their employment. Mr James Farrugia and Ms Darinka Grech, the resource persons focused on effective communication skills, self-reflection on personal skills, how to prepare a CV and be well prepared for a job interview to be able to positively communicate and leave a positive first impression when finding a job.

The seminar started with an ice-breaker to help the students relax and concentrate better. A discussion with the students was held to see their point of view about the subject. The first part of the seminar was closed by telling the students how important it is to communicate their abilities and their job related qualities. The second part of the seminar was focused on how to prepare an effective CV. Various formats and other content on how to build a CV was explained, then after the students had to prepare their own CV.

When the CV session was done, the students were given a session on how to prepare for an interview and the importance on doing research to prepare well for it. To finish off the session, some students also had an opportunity to practice for an interview and received feedback on their skills. The seminar was concluded by a short presentation on work etiquette.