Carol Singers

Empowerment of community for child labour eradication in Jagalur Taluk supported by Kinder Mission Carol Singers, Germany

Aim of CS:
♦ To empower the community for the child labour eradication.
♦ To find out the school drop-outs and enable them to rejoin the school for the further school studies.
♦ To protect the rights of the children.
♦ To promote the Child right clubs in the schools and to establish Children Parliament.
♦ To promote SHG’s among the former Self Help Groups Devadasis.
♦ To conduct evening tuition centers for children in the locality.
♦ To give training to the SDMC (School Development Monitoring Committee) members about children.
♦ To perform streets plays and give awareness on child protection policy, ill effects of child marriages, child labour etc.

Target Group: Children around the locality. CS runs 15 tuition centers in Jagalur Taluk of Davangere District.

Action plan of 2018: to identify the former Devadasi groups and promote SHG’s among them, empower and bring up their status in the society.