RBC (Residential Bridge Course)

DBCLM has been involved in the education and rehabilitation of child labourers and street children in Davangere. One of the strategies of rehabilitation of child labourers is the organization of Bridge Course for rescued child labourers and street children. It consists of:
1. Identification of child labourers/street children by visiting the slum areas and villages of Davangere.
2. Rescuing/ freeing of children from the work place.
3. Counselling and motivating these children and parents and with the consent of parents and child and admitting them to the Residential Bridge Course.

These processes are done by the staff of DBCLM. After admitting them to the Bridge course they have to be taught according to their level of learning, after the initial assessment of the child. Meanwhile they have to be counselled and motivated to remain in the center to pursue their education. It also involves organizing of lot of co-curricular activities to make learning attractive and interesting. The syllabus of mainstream school will be taught to children.

The RBC is a full time 12 months course in which periodical holidays will be given to the children. During the course of the year the child can be promoted to another division after periodical tests and examinations. Parents’ meetings have to be organized at least twice in a year. After one year the child may be readmitted to the mainstream school and this will be done by DBCLM