DBCLM Prevents Six Child Marriages

Though the society today is comparatively more aware of its consequences than in the past, child marriages do take place in some rural areas of Davangere. In the month of January 2020 DBCLM could prevent six possible child marriages through a combined effort of Childline, Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) and the police department.

1. Childline received the message of a possible child marriage at Mandakkibhatti area of Davangere taluk. The team comprising of Childline Coordinator, ASI and PSI from the nearby police station and the Anganwadi supervisor on January 19th reached the spot and verified the documents. On finding that the girl is a minor the team convinced the parents and the people concerned not to go ahead with the marriage.

2. There was another attempt to marry off a girl who is a minor inBada village of Davangere taluk on January 21st.After reaching the village the childline team member and the Panchayath Development Officer (PDO) could establish it as an attempt to child marriage and prevent it in time.

3. On receiving a message on January 23rdthat there is a possibility of a child marriage taking place in MudhaHadadi panchayath limits, CDPO, Childline team member and a policeman from NingarajHadadi police station reached the place and took necessary actions to prevent it.

4. The coordinator and a team member of Childline went to Hiretaglere in Davangere on January 27thwhen they received the news of a child marriage being planned. The childline team accompanied by the high school Head Master, PDO and two police Constables from Mykondapolice station could make the people aware of the consequences of child marriage and prevent it.

5. Following a call to childline on January 29tha Childline team member reached Anjaneya temple atKokkanurin Harihara taluk of Davangere districtat night. He could establish the girl as a minor and discourage the people concerned from entering into the marriage by making them aware of the laws and the after effects of it.

6. The DCPO himself called the coordinator of childline at 9:30 in the night on January 29thand asked to accompany him to Gandhi Nagar to verify the documents related to a mass marriage organized on January 30thby Sri Guru RamadasaSwamy Trust. On verifying the documents of all the eights couples registered for the marriage in the presence of the trust officials, one girl was found minor by the DCPO, ACDPO and Childline Coordinator. They convinced the office bearers and other people concerned about the consequences of child marriage and discouraged it. Back