World Tourism Day In DBCLM

To celebrate the World Tourism Day, DBCLM children together with Open Shelter and RBC staff visited Martruchaya Children’s Park on September 28, 2018. Children enjoyed Swinging, See-Saw, and Merry go Round, Slide, Monkey Bars, Sand Pit, Chin-up Bars and Jungle Gym. There was also a children’s train. They had a wonderful experience.

In the afternoon children had lunch on the bank of Kunduvada Lake. Afterwards teachers narrated to them about Kunduvada Lake. It is spread around 253 acre of land and it is mainly used for drinking water. People used to come and spend time here and enjoy the nice breeze.

Then they proceeded to the Glass House. This is a new tourist attraction in Davangere. It is one of the biggest glass houses in the world. Children had a good time in and around the house watching it. The staff accompanied briefed them on the glass house.