Staff Training

Don Bosco Child Labour Mission organized two-day training for all the staff including the tuition teachers of Jagalur and Harapanahalli taluks on 26th and 27th of October. Mr. Manjappa B, State coordinator of CREAM, together with Director Fr Cyril Sagayaraj Sdb worked behind it. Dr. Aravind, Director of Navachethana School, District Awareness and Supervisory Committee Member (Department of Social Welfare) and Former Child Welfare Committee member as resource person and Fr Prasad Kunnummel Sdb, Director Don Bosco Sumanhalli were the main resource persons.

The two-day programme began with a prayer by Sinchana D’Souza, Child Counsellor. After that Mr. Manjappa B welcomed all the staff members and Fr Cyril gave the introductory talk. Fr Cyril narrated how this classroom learning can be helpful in field work of every staff. He insisted that the staff members not only must learn all the laws related to children and child welfare but also make use of them for the daily interventions in the life of so many disadvantaged children around us.

Dr. Aravind, the main resource person of the first day dealt with children and their rights in the morning session. He talked about the need to protect children citing the different acts like Juvenile Justice Act, act against child marriages, POCSO act, etc. He explained also the CRPC (Criminal Procedure Code) and how to make use of it intervene in the life of children effectively.

The afternoon session was mainly managed by Ramanik Y, Chairperson of CC Davangere and DBCLM staff in CREAM project. The main area of his discussion was the topic of child labour. He divided the whole staff into different groups and made them discuss certain questions like who is Child Labour? What is the cause for Child Labour? What are the possibilities to prevent child labour? How you can prevent this Child Labour? Synthesizing the result of discussions done in different groups he narrated how poverty, population, superstition and unemployment are not real reasons for child labour.

It was Fr Prasad who managed the second day. True to his Salesian spirit he made it more attractive and interactive with his discussions and group-bound activities. He stressed on Goal setting, leadership, strength, confidence and trust. He explained in his class how one can get into a rut in his or her profession and think that he or she knows everything and fails to attain what he or she is supposed to.

The second day training by Fr. Prasad, The Director of Don Bosco, Sumanahalli took training for our staff and Tuition teachers from Jagalur and Harapanahalli. In the training Fr. Prasad explained us that many times we think that, we know everything because we have worked so many years in the social field so we think that we know everything but practically when it comes we fail to solve it. He also explained how a leader should be, how a leader should have goal, how to plan to reach the goal, how a leader should involve other team members and how a good leader reaches his goal taking his team with him. Through various activities he made the whole team understand important a team work is and without specific contribution from each member a group cannot function properly.

The afternoon session was basically on trust. the main point was any organization runs on trust. trust between the team members and trust between team and management. There were also sufficient actions songs and games to keep the whole group active and energetic. Finally in the evaluation of the training all were very positive and Mr. Heeryanaik, Mr. Ramanaik and Mr. Durgappa shared their experience on behalf of DBCLM Staff. Ms Roopa K from Arasikere spoke on behalf all the tuition teachers.