Childline Se Dosti 2019

Don Bosco Childline Collab, Davangere had the inauguration of Childline Se Dosti Week in Davangere on November 14, 2019 at Motiveerappa Higher Secondary School, Davangere. Mr Prabhu Badiger (Justice, District Court, Davangere) was the chief guest. Other guests included Mr Vijaykumar (DD, Women and Child Department, Davangere), Y Ramanaik (Chairperson, CWC, Davangere), Dharanikumar (CDPO, Davangere), Venkatesh (THO, Davangere), Fr Cyril Sagayaraj Sdb (Director, Don Bosco Child Labour Mission, Davangere) and Kalpitha Kumari (Principal).

The programme started with a prayer song by one of the students of the school. Immediately after the welcome speech by Mr Harshad Ali TA, Team Member, Don Bosco Childline Collab, Davangere, Mr Prashanth VB introduced the programme to the participants, briefly explaining childline, its services and the Childline Se Dosti Programme.

In his address Mr Prabhu Badiger, the chief guest, compared children to flowers. Flowers are very soft and smooth and they are very attractive when they are on plants. In the same way children too are very attractive and they must be respected as they are with dignity and rights. Everyone in the society must take the responsibility to care for children. There is also the free legal advice centre supporting the children specially who are abused to get justice.

Mr Vijaykumar spoke on Children’s Parliament and child marriage act. He asked the children to make use of Children’s Parliament to redress their grievances. For him November 14 th is a festival of children. They must be allowed to attend the school in colour dress and the teachers must prepare different programmes to make them happy. According to Mr Ramanaik Y, student life is the golden time of life. So no one must waste this precious time period. Every student must have an aim in life and they must try hard to attain it.

There was also an oath taken by both children and adults in between the programme pledging to nurture and protect child rights. The oath was administered by Mr Kotresh, Coordinator, Don Bosco Childline Collab, Davangere.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Swamy B, Team Member, Don Bosco Childline. The programme ended with a signature campaign by signing on a childline banner. Back