Release of the Newsletter

Since from its inception Don Bosco Child Labour Mission (DBCLM), Davangere is at the service of youngsters who had fallen under the clutches of child labour, child marriage, school dropouts and other various sorts of exploitation and abuses. DBCLM puts every effort to bring a drastic inflation in the number of child labourers through different rescue operations from various loopholes and dark pits wherein which they are deprived of having proper education, privileges and other auricular activities. Today it is not enough that we do these good works, it must also be made known to others to create awareness and gain support in the society. Thus, DBCLM too thought of this absorbing idea of issuing a NEWS LETTER named ‘SUDDIPATRA’.

Actually speaking this ambition of bringing out one such newsletter into light was there for a long time in the mind of everyone at DBCLM. But because of various reasons and adverse circumstances the idea was parked aside clandestinely. However, this long cherished dream has come true on July 25, 2019 with the release of the first issue of Suddipatra by Fr Cyril Sagayaraj SDB, the Director. This newsletter is intended to provide enough and adequate knowledge about various projects that DBCLM Davangere undertakes for the welfare and development of children, in view of shaping them into better citizens, to the friends and well-wishers of DBCLM.

The word Suddi has two meanings in vernacular language. While the most often used meaning is news, the other meaning is purity. If suddi is seen as news, Suddipatra could mean newsletter. But if the second meaning purity is taken, suddipatra could mean purity letter. We all know that our society needs a lot of purification and DBCLM is in forefront of doing this task. And so for us suddipatra is more than a newsletter; it communicates all our efforts aimed at purifying the society and eliciting everyone’s cooperation in this regard. While making known our efforts of making this world a better place for people to live in DBCLM also invites everyone to cooperate with us in whatever way they can.

It is also a time for us to thank each and every one who worked behind it tirelessly. In a very special way we thank Mr. Chethan M D’Souza and Dr Hridya Philip who were behind it till it was over. A big word of thanks goes to the Director and all the Coordinators who cooperated with the idea and provided the data in time. We wish and pray that Suddipatra will take the fame of DBCLM far and wide as long as it lives on. Back