Parents Meet 2020

The first parents meet for the academic year 2019-2020 of the RBC students of Don Bosco Child Labour Mission Davangere was held on January 18, 2020. The programme started with a prayer dance by the students. It was inaugurated by Fr Cyril Sagayaraj Sdb (Director, DBCLM). Other guests of the programme included Fr. Xavier Edayodil Sdb (Director, Don Bosco Sujyothi, Alurahatti), Fr. Jose Joseph (Administrator, DBCLM, Davangere) Mr. Sunil H (Coordinator, Open Shelter Project), Mr. Ravi B (Team Member, Don Bosco Childline Collab, Davangere), Mr. Ajjappa and Mrs Bharathi (Representatives from parents).

In the introductory talk Mr. Sunil H talked about the environment that must be maintained within the Family. He stressed on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and how it will improve the relationship between the parent and child. He also went on to advise the parents not to have any bad habits because children learn from their surroundings. Mr. Ravi B gave some more insights into the rights of children and the duties of parents. He told the parents the importance of educating their Children. He educated them about how child marriages will affect the lives of children and also went on to inform them about various services of childline and how they can report problems to the authorities.

Sagar, one of the students of RBC expressed his gratitude towards DBCLM for maintaining such a good atmosphere that is conducive for the development of children. Mr. Ajjappa also expressed the same opinion in his talk. Mr. Ramanaik mentioned the incident of parent selling 3-month old female child for money in his talk. Then he tried educate them how to be a good parent and raise children. Fr. Cyril Sagayraj suggested to the parents to take good care of their Children.

Apart from these talks there were also different cultural programmes put up by the children. Then the formal Program was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Nataraj N (Outreach Worker Open Shelter Project). Back