Exposure Visit of the SHG Members

As part of the entrepreneurship training of the SHG members, an exposure programme was organized to Don Bosco Hospet on October 06, 2018. Fifty women from 11 SHG groups accompanied by two staff and the administrator made the group of visit. The journey started by 07:30 am and reached Don Bosco Hospet by 11:30 am. After the initial briefing on the activities of Don Bosco Hospet by Director Fr Rayappa Lawrence sdb and an orientation on the functioning and activities of SHGs by the Coordinator, the group went for the field visit to have a first-hand experience of the income generation activities of these SHGs.

In the first place they visited an SHG group that is engaged in catering service. They take up orders for different events and prepare the food and make it reach the place on time. Most often they do it as a group. But sometimes some individuals of the group also take the order and do the same service on their own. The group also visited another three more groups who are engaged in making of bags, bangles, ear rings, vanity bags, etc. The participants made use of every chance to interact with the members of these income generating SHGs and even tried a hand at testing the quality of the products by themselves. They were very much amused to see the shop set up in the main street of Hospet to sell these home-made products. After paying a short visit to the Virupaksha Temple at Hampi and Tungabhadra Dam the group started back their journey and reached back Davangere by 11:30 pm.

At the end of the exposure visit the team was happy that they had a chance to visit these production centres and interact with the members. Owing to their village back ground and attachment to the agricultural sector many members felt that some agricultural related activities like sheep rearing may be more suitable for them, though there are also a few others who thought differently.