Chinthana Manthana 2019

On December 31, 2019 Don Bosco Child Labour Mission, Davangere under the leadership of Don Bosco CREAM Project organized a small gathering of the stakeholders for a sharing of their ideas and views for the better implementation of the projects. Mr Vasanth Kumar AT (Social Activist, Don Bosco CREAM Project) welcomed the gathering.

Mr. Ramanaik Y (Chairperson, CWC Davangere and Social Activist, Don Bosco CREAM Project) presented an overall view of the programme and briefed the gathering on the activities of CREAM project from 2013 to 2019. He enumerated the following achievements of the project:
• 101 Child Rights Clubs were formed
• Child Protection Committees have been formed in the Grama Panchayat level
• 15 SHGs were formed in 2016 alone
• 2 youth trainings were conducted in 2016
• CREAM is working in 10 centres across Karnataka
• Because of this project Hikkimgere, a village in Davangere istrict is declared child labour free. 10 of our evening tuition students have government job today

Mr. Sadanda (Cluster Resource Person) appreciated our work in the rural areas of Davangere. He also invited to implement these activities in the urban areas too as there are lots of deserving children in these areas too. He wanted expertise of DBCLM to strengthen the CRCs in the urban area. Mr. Kotresh TM (Coordinator, Don Bosco Childline Collab) requested the department head to cooperate with the team in collecting information on children who are in vulnerable situations. He exhorted all to stand united to rescue these vulnerable children. Mr. Ramanaik Y brought into the notice of the gathering that there is a practice of giving fake attendance in some of the schools in Davangere.

School dropout is very prevalent in places like Mandakki Batti, SSM Nagar, SPS Nagar, Kabburu, Basappa Nagar, Anna Nagar of northern parts of Davangere. Mr. Sadananda explained lack of education of parents as the main reason for it. Mr. Anjinappa (Department of Police) said that there are lots of child labourers in Mandakki Batti and in and around goldsmith street of Davangere. He asked the department to take the help of police by producing a letter to the Superintendent of Police (SP) requesting their assistance by allotting some personnel for it. Mr. Sunil H (Coordinator, Don Bosco Open Shelter) shared his experience of going for a raid with the education department to nab down the school dropouts and child labourers. Mrs. Manjula (Member, Juvenile Justice Board, Davangere) emphasised the need of teaching moral values to children. Society has a responsibility of giving care and protection to children. The number of POCSO cases is on rise and some serious steps must be taken prevent suchatrocities to children.

Mr. Manjunath L (Executive Director, People NGO) explained about Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals (MDG and SDG), how all could be a part of this CREAM activity and how the thoughts and inputs of all gathered could be of use to the project. According to him 28 departments should join hands to reach MDGs and SDGs. At least 11 departments must work hand in hand in the city and it must be taken up seriously. He also invited the attention of the group to the alarming data that 30,00,000 children are found drug addict. Every institution too has the responsibility to give complaint in the event of an abuse and the evidence that the institution gives will remain strong. Ms. Manjula added by saying when there is a case of POCSO is lodged it must be brought to the notice of CWC if the child is below 18.

Mr. Basawarajayya (DCPO, Davangere) shared his view that Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) need to coordinate together when it is needed. Government schools are getting closed because after getting admitted many migrate from one place to another place. There is also a big to the private schools. Mr. Shashidhar (Member, JJB) asked that there must be a proper system of maintaining attendance. According to him present and absent must be mentioned properly in the register.

Mr. Sunil added that all need to join together with all the departments and there is a need of awareness programmes to be conducted in the city area. There is also a need to follow up and bring back all those left school and joined madrasas. This issue must be taken up seriously in the workshops held at district and state level and a proper solution must be reached. Mr. Shashidhar suggested that there must be a meeting of BEO, DDPI, BRC, CRP, BRP, ECO, NGO’s and police department and prepare an action plan to bring back dropout children and those who are in madrasas.

The programme ended with vote of thanks was given by Mr. Sunil. Back