Children’s Day at DBCLM

November 14 is an important day for DBCLM as it is on this day that the nation keeps children’s day. The centre too had a small celebration inside the house as a grand one was planned outside on another day. Mr Kenchappa, one of the teaching staff welcomed everyone to the programme. Mr. Arogya Swami was the chief guest of the programme. He narrated the life of Jawaharlal Nehru, and his love for children. He explained why Nehru loved rose flower. He asked the children to respect their teachers and to spend some time for Yoga and prayer. Reading poems and Books increase knowledge and it helps to grow in life. Children need to love their parents instead of spending their time on mobile. Mobile is one of those materials which curtails the warm relationship between children and family.

During the programme Fr Cyril Sagayaraj, Director of DBCLM too had a message for the children. There was a sports competition held for children and prizes were distributed to the winners. Children need to keep up good health, it will strengthen their mind. Even Yoga will help children to maintain a healthy body. Children need to love each other; they need to support each other in their studies and Games. The programme came to its end with the vote of thanks by Mr Honnappa.