Children Demand Humps Near the School

One of the main objectives of Don Bosco CREAM project is to make the members of its Child Rights Clubs socially aware of their rights and enable them to demand it. The best example for this was the protest organized by the CRC members of GMHPS, Avaragolla, in Davangere on July 25, 2019 demanding humps on road in front of the school. A road accident in which a student was hit by an auto rickshaw near the school on July 24, 2019 was the motivation for this protest.

Though such accidents were not anything new to the people around the school, only when hit a school student that the CRC members and the public thought of doing something about it. Motivated by Mr Rajappa, Social Activist of Don Bosco CREAM Project, Davangere, teachers of Government Higher Primary School, Government High School and Government Urdu Lower Primary School and SDMC members came together and thought of doing something about it. In the discussion it was proposed to have a protest against harsh driving and a public awareness programme on safe driving. There came also a suggestion to have a letter writing campaign to this effect.

A road block, as part of protest, was organized by the CRC students on July 25, 2019. Teachers, school children, local youth, SHG members, SDMC members and Grama Panchayat members took part in it. Students who were shouting aloud different slogans had placards in their hands. They also wrote a letter signed by a good number of people to the local government demanding humps on the road near the school. They ended the protest only after the Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) came and assured that immediate actions will be taken for making the necessary humps. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn from their own experience that they can attain anything if they stand united. Back