Peter Gough

"I spent about 3 and a half weeks working with Don bosco in India. (Oct 2017) In that time I learned about Indian life and it's diverse culture. It was a pleasure working with the dedicated teachers and it's eager to learn pupils. Overall my experience was wonderful and would love to do it again. I was also treated very kindly by all the Don Bosco priests."

Tim Moreels

Hi, my name is Tim, together with my wife I got the opportunity to volunteer with DBCLM. The experience for us was life changing and profound. During our time there we tried to help where ever possible. From teaching English to helping the kitchen staff. All the while learning about the customs, culture and beauty of India. And as much as we went to India to teach, India taught us. We came back, more mature and with a different more open view on the world. I won’t tell you it will always be easy. You have to learn to adapt and work in a framework very different from our western view. But it is more than worth it for it was a beautiful and enriching time. And there is no better time spent than time spend serving your fellow man. Davangere is a part of us and the people we met will be in our hearts for life. And through modern social media we manage to stay in contact while being half a globe away.

Mariamma Yarekappa and Children

We spent in Davangere our first year after our wedding. That year changed our minds significantly. We learnt from the Indians modesty and from the Indian children the joy of life. It was really the best start of our marriage with so many nice children - we still remember their smiles! Also to be part of the salesian comunity was for us precious experience and recently we became members of salesian family in the ASC. We miss south indian food, spicy scent of the country and mainly modesty and religiousness in Europe .